Welcome to the Environmental Psychology Research Group at UnB

This site provides information about Environmental Psychology, as well as research and teaching activities of the Environmental Psychology Research Group (EPRG) at the University of Brasília, Brazil. The EPRG is located in the Department of Social and Work Psychology, which is part of the Institute of Psychology.

To begin with – what is Environmental Psychology?

Environmental Psychology deals with the reciprocal relationship between people and the physical environment – both built and natural. In other words, what how do different kinds of environment impact on the behavior and subjectives states of individuals, as well as, on the other hand, how do behavior and subjective states impact on such environments.

Environmental psychology maintains interface with areas of study such as sociology and urban anthropology, ergonomics, industrial design, landscaping, forestry, architecture, urban planning and geography, among others. To the extent that these areas are studying different aspects of the organization of space / physical environment and their mutual relationship with the human being, is often in the foreign literature, the term environment-behavior relation to characterize this field of study. Correspondingly, is in Brazil the term person-environment relationships. For its interdisciplinary character and being a field that allows the study of the various phenomena, Environmental Psychology uses a multi-method approach. What determines the choice of method is the problem under study in each situation. Almost all research is oriented to solve a practical problem and in the meantime also seeks to advance the theoretical knowledge of the area under the model of action research.

The following references provide a first approach to the subject:


  • Professors, Masters and Doctors from the universities of Brazil, USA, Canada, Italy, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Germany, Holland and France. Environmental Psychology Enhancing our world. See more: EP Booklet.
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FAQ Environmental Psychology see here.

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